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Folk plays a very vital role in the music of Bengal and the instruments used, complement the music so well. Whether it is Baul music, Nazrul Geeti, Rabindra Sangeet or the Adhunik Songs and Film music, the Bengali instruments have a place in such genres of music.

The Ektara, Do Tara, khol, Dhak, Dhol are some of the well recognized instruments that are used in the Bengali songs and music. The Baul is a very popular folk music genre of Bengal that has got global recognition. It is usually sung with the help of the Ektara or Do Tara (instruments with a single string and double strings) and often accompanied by dhols.

Kirtan or devotional songs, Shyama Sangeet also accompany the use of the instruments like Dhol and Dhak. Dhaks play a very important role during the festival seasons especially during Durga Puja and this instrument has made its place in the Bengali flim industry as well.

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