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    Guru Soundz Celebrating 10 Years. Important announcement: Please telephone us on 02085944040 before you travel to our showroom. MONDAY'S CLOSED. Guru Soundz serving the music industry for a Decade. Buy your Unique gifts from Guru Soundz for your loved one's. Worldwide Delivery. You can visit our showroom or purchase online, Guru Soundz delivers all musical instruments direct to your doorstep worldwide. Guru Soundz UK sells Tabla, Sitar, Harmonium, Dhol, Dholak, Esraj, Saraangi, Khol, Tanpura, Dhak, Veena, mridungum,Rabab and many more Indian instruments. Best Indian Musical Instruments Online. Professional Indian Musical Instruments UK

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    We are the suppliers of Indian Musical Instrument's in UK who deliver worldwide right to your doorstep.
    Are you Looking for the perfect instrument for your musical moods? Here at Guru Soundz we stock a wide range of Indian musical instruments from Sitars to Harmoniums and many more musical instruments. We know that our customers want the best quality, and we are proud to be a well-established firm with over 10 years experience in designing , manufacturing and importing Indian musical instruments.

    To the reader who enjoys the various tones and rhythms of Indian music the tabla and sitar are always a foundation for some of the greatest of all music. Perhaps no instrument is more readily recognized as the pride of India than the sitar. Our craftsman who create the sitar instruments are very particular in their choice of the materials and understand with great pride how powerful the final product will be. Choosing exactly the right gourds for each of the tumba chambers and then ensuring a perfect cut is the task of the master's hands as they prepare the instrument for the player.

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    What many people may hear as an organ or accordion is, in fact, the Indian instrument called the harmonium. After finding its way to Indian music in the mid nineteenth century this reed, stop and key instrument quickly became and remains a mainstay in the music of the continent. Constructed of many moving and fixed parts the harmonium is played very much like the reed organs found around the world.

    Learning to play each of these Indian musical instruments, the tabla, dhol, sitar, sarod, and harmonium takes time. Masters may spend years with their pupils to pass down their own, and often very recognizable style of playing each instrument. Expecting to pick up and play a sitar or sarod, for example, without instruction from a master would soon lead to frustration and early termination of learning.

    ' Best Indian Musical Instruments Online. Professional Indian Musical Instruments UK '

    'Buy the best indian musical instruments online. Professional indian musical instruments UK. From sitars, tablas, harmonium, dhol, percussion Instruments and accessories, tabla learning book, Tanpura, Sitar Gig Bags, Bhangra Dhol, classical music instruments, Indian Flute and much more online. Best indian musical instruments online '

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    Tuesday -Saturday 11.00am-6.00pm
    Sunday  11.00am-3.00pm

    We strongly advise you to telephone the showroom 0208 5944040 before visiting to check our stock levels.

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